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You need an RMA number before sending your Mac/Mac Part to GALAXY for repair. An RMA is automatically generated and emailed to you following receipt of your online order. But for warranty exchanges, product returns etc you should submit an RMA Request.
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27 inch iMac - Late 2012 Models
300W Power Supply - NEW:

Select this item if you have a 27 inch iMac (Late 2012) model with a bad Power Supply. This is a genuine, NEW Apple replacement power supply. Guaranteed to be 100% compatible with this iMac model.

Note: There are several different power supplies that Apple has used in 27-inch iMacs - and, they are not interchangeable. Make sure that your iMac's EMC matches with the part you are planning to order..

We also offer a full-service repair alternative which includes installation. You will find the repair solution you need for your 27-inch iMac here -> 27-inch iMac Power Supply Repair


27 inch iMac - Late 2012 Models<br><b>300W Power Supply - NEW:</b>
27" Intel iMac - Power Supply - Example
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Type of Sale:
This is a NEW genuine Apple part sold outright. Return of the defective core is NOT required.
Compatible with the following:
27-inch iMac - Late 2012 - identifiers:

EMC Number: 2546
Model Number: A1419
Sales Order Numbers: MD095LL/A 2.9 GHz Core i5 ; MD096LL/A 3.2 GHz Core i5 ; MD096LL/A/CTO 3.4 GHz Core i7
Model identifier: iMac13,2
Apple Service Part No: 661-7170
Label Nos: n/a
EEE Numbers: n/a


The Model Identifier number is listed in System Report/System Profiler (About This Mac), so, only visible if the computer boots that far. Label and EEE numbers are printed on the part. Major Apple component have their own serial number - a mix of letters and numbers. The EEE number sequence is located towards the very end of this serial number. The EEE number is a foolproof way of ensuring compatibility between the part you have and the part selected to replace it.

'CTO' or 'BTO' located at the end of a Sales Order Number indicates that the computer was Configured to Order (Built to Order) by Apple.

For additional surety that you are ordering the correct part include the computer's serial number in the COMMENTS field when placing your order. We will confirm compatibility prior to shipping the order. Since parts are purchased especially to fill each individual order placed with us, all sales of Apple service parts are final. [Obviously this means that you receive a working part that corresponds to the one you order!]

If you need confirmation that your power supply is faulty, or prefer a turnkey solution in which GALAXY will both repair and install the part for you, we offer a full-service repair alternative. You will find the repair solution you need for your 27-inch iMac here -> 27-inch iMac Power Supply Repair

Additional Notes:

Ways to identify your Mac and the parts associated with it, follow these general guidelines:

Your computer's Model Identifier and Serial Number are provided in About This Mac under the Apple Menu.
Apple Model Numbers are listed on the sales invoice and printed on the computer's shipping box. Apple Laptops also have their model number printed on the bottom of the case up by the hinges.
Mfg. ID Numbers are printed on the part itself.
EEE Code click on the "what's this?" link located by the EEE field name on each product's listing page.

ALSO: See the introductory overviews on individual product pages for model-specific tips and insights.

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