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15" MacBook Pro (Retina) Logic Board Repair

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SKU/Order No:
Offered at the all-inclusive flat-rate price shown below, this service covers the component level repair of any 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina) Logic Board
What’s Included:
  • Free, phone troubleshooting and tech support.
  • All labor: diagnostic, teardown, component level repair and re-installation.
  • Performed by Apple-Certified Technicians.
  • All parts: Using Genuine Apple/OEM replacement parts.
  • FREE Return shipping for all completed laptop repairs.
  • Six month comprehensive (parts and labor) warranty.
  • No additional charges, including no sales tax.
  • No charge if we are unable to fix the problem.
Type of Sale:
How It Works:
  • Shortly after we receive your order (or RMA Request) we will email you shipping instructions.
  • You are responsible for 'inbound' shipping. You can use the Mac's original box. FedEx, UPS, USPS etc all provide boxes if you need one.
  • After your Mac arrives at GALAXY an Apple-certified Technician will confirm the 'off-site' diagnosis and complete the repair. 1
  • We will ship your Mac back to you in full working order, and provide tracking for the return shipment.
How It Works:
Six Months
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Restrictions Apply 1
  • Six Months.
  • Covers parts, labor and return shipping.
  • Inbound shipping is not covered.
  • Warranty is void if damage is caused by improper handling or through a 'botched' installation.

LOGIC-57543-F covers all 15-inch MacBook Pro RETINA models. Use any of the following ID methods to verify that this is the correct logic board repair service for your MacBook Pro (MBP)
  1. If you have a working computer, hold down the option key and select System Information1 from the Apple Menu and confirm that the MBP's Model Identifier code is one of the following:
    MacBookPro10,1;    MacBookPro11,2;    MacBookPro11,3;    MacBookPro11,4;    MacBookPro11,5;    MacBookPro13,3;    MacBookPro14,3

  2. If your MBP isn't working, check the fine print next to the regulatory markings on the underside of the laptop1, and confirm that the EMC number is one of the following:
    2512;    2673;    2674;    2745;    2876;    2881;    2909;    2910;    3072;    3162

  3. Or, if you have your original MBP box or invoice, confirm that the Sales Order number (shown in each location) is one of the following:
    MC975LL/A,    MC976LL/A,    ME664LL/A,    ME665LL/A,    ME293LL/A,    ME294LL/A,    ME874LL/A,    MGXA2LL/A,    MGXC2LL/A,    MJLQ2LL/A,    MJLT2LL/A,    MLW72LL/A,    MLW82LL/A,    MLH32LL/A,    MLH42LL/A,    MPTU2LL/A,    MPTV2LL/A,    MPTR2LL/A,    MPTT2LL/A.

1 FYI: The MBP's Serial Number appears in the System Information window; it is also printed on the bottom of the computer next to the regulatory markings.

While GALAXY specializes in MacBook Pro repairs we also offer a full range of Apple/Apple OEM replacement parts if you prefer to take care of installation yourself:    MacBook Pro (Retina) Service Parts.

1 If test results uncover a different problem with your Mac than the one expected we will email you a revised quote and place the job on hold until we receive your OK to proceed with the repair. And should the cost of the revised quote outweighs the benefit of having your Mac back into service you can cancel the order (you will only be charged for return shipping).

Sad Mac?
Our FREE Diagnostic Service will quickly fix your Sad Mac problems.
Mac Serial Number:
We provide a money-back guarantee of compatibility on all items purchased from GALAXY as long as you include your Mac's serial number with your order.

Locate your Mac's serial number as follows:

MacBook/Pro/Air; Mac Mini: Underside of the computer by the regulatory markings.

iMac: Underneath the stand.

Mac Pro: Rear case (2006-2012); bottom surface (2013).

* FYI - if you have a working Mac you'll find the serial number when you select About This Mac from the Apple menu.
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