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You need an RMA number before sending your Mac/Mac Part to GALAXY for repair. An RMA is automatically generated and emailed to you following receipt of your online order. But for warranty exchanges, product returns etc you should submit an RMA Request.
MacBook Pro REPAIRS   MacBook Pro: RETINA 
ALL 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina) Models:
Logic Board [REPAIR]

This LOGIC BOARD repair service covers the component level repair of any 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina Display) defective logic board (motherboard).

We charge a flat-rate fee for this service which is inclusive of diagnostic testing to determine which logic board components have failed, and covers all replacement parts and labor. That's Apple original replacement parts installed by Apple-certified technicians. There are no hidden or additional charges* and no sales tax.

Our pricing compares very favorably with equivalent services from Apple: savings of 50% or more compared with Apple service charges are very much the norm with all of our repair services. This is especially true whenever Apple's warranty is voided, for example by 'tripped' spill sensors.

Our success rate for repairing MBP (Retina) logic boards is over 90%. There is no charge* if we are unable to fix the problem. Turnaround times are fast (1-5 days) and like all of our repair services this one comes with a six month (parts and labor) warranty.

Use the Compatibility Check section below to determine the identity of your computer and confirm its compatibility with this service.

* except for shipping which is extra


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Type of Sale:
  • RMA/Shipping instructions will be emailed to you after we receive the order.
  • Same charge whether you ship the part in need of repair by itself or the computer as a whole.
  • Price shown covers everything (parts, labor, installation) except for shipping.
  • Six Months.
  • Covers parts, labor and return shipping.
  • Inbound shipping is not covered.
  • Warranty is void if damage is caused by improper handling or through a 'botched' installation.
Compatible with the following:

This service (LOGIC-57543-F) covers all 15-inch MacBook Pro models that have a Retina Display. Use the 'specs' below to confirm that this is the correct repair service for your MacBook Pro:

Mid 2012: MacBookPro10,1; A1398; EMC 2512; MC975LL/A (2.3 GHz), MC976LL/A (2.6 GHz), BTO (2.7 GHz).

Early 2013: MacBookPro10,1; A1398; EMC 2673; ME664LL/A (2.4 GHz), ME665LL/A (2.7 GHz), BTO (2.8 GHz).

Late 2013: MacBookPro11,2 (2.0 GHz) , MacBookPro11,3 (2.3 and 2.6 GHz); A1398; EMC 2674 (2.0 GHz) , EMC 2745 (2.3 and 2.6 GHz); ME293LL/A (2.0 GHz), ME294LL/A (2.3 GHz), ME874LL/A (2.6 GHz) .

Mid 2014: MacBookPro11,2 (2.2 GHz) , MacBookPro11,3 (2.5 and 2.8 GHz); A1398; EMC 2876; MGXA2LL/A (2.2 GHz), MGXC2LL/A (2.5 GHz), BTO (2.8 GHz).

Mid 2015: MacBookPro11,4 (2.2 GHz) , MacBookPro11,5 (2.5 and 2.8 GHz); A1398; EMC 2881; MJLQ2LL/A (2.2 GHz), MJLT2LL/A (2.5 GHz), BTO (2.8 GHz).

Additional Notes:

While GALAXY specializes in MacBook Pro component level repair we also offer replacement service parts if you prefer to take care of installation yourself. You will find a list of popularly requested items here -> MacBook Pro Service Parts

Ways to identify your Mac and the parts associated with it, follow these general guidelines:

Your computer's Model Identifier and Serial Number are provided in About This Mac under the Apple Menu.
Apple Model Numbers are listed on the sales invoice and printed on the computer's shipping box. Apple Laptops also have their model number printed on the bottom of the case up by the hinges.
Mfg. ID Numbers are printed on the part itself.
EEE Code click on the "what's this?" link located by the EEE field name on each product's listing page.

ALSO: See the introductory overviews on individual product pages for model-specific tips and insights.

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